If you want to teach a student to build houses, give them a hammer and nails. If you want to teach them to farm, give them soil and seeds. If you want to teach them about the world, connect them to it!

Welcome to the New Classroom.

A successful future begins with an educational sharing community.


Global Education Network Exchange (gene) is a network that connects schools in a sharing economy. Across the school district, throughout the state, and around the world gene reduces costs dedicated to digital resources and frees them up for the sort of investment schools value most: human capital.


The value of gene is simple: reduce costs to education systems by sharing digital resources through a secure network that allows for unprecedented collaboration.


Districts save big on software licensing fees by joining gene. Bundling these savings along with gene’s digital learning library, e-gradebooks, shared curricula, digital grade books, records and shared knowledge is an opportunity to share ideas all in a secure community of learning that makes economic sense.

Engage Students

By increasing the quality of the educational experience through technology, offering resources students would otherwise not have been able to access, and creating a personal database of a student’s educational journey, students benefit from all aspects of a school linked to the gene community.

Global Education Network Exchange