The Sharing Economy

A sharing economy is a system built around the sharing of resources. It is a phenomenon that is transforming the way we relate to one another and has begun to shift the workings of our current economy. At its root, there resides a lesson we all learned in kindergarten: In a sharing economy, everyone gets a turn.

Global Sharing with gene

gene was created to provide this type of sharing economy within a network of participating schools. Across the county, the state and the world, gene reduces costs dedicated to digital resources and frees them up for the sort of investment schools value most: human capital.

Customizable Resources

gene provides the education market with the top choices of resources then enables the school district to customize which resources they want to use.

gene’s vast menu of choices includes a digital learning library, e-gradebooks, shared curricula, digital grade books, records and shared knowledge; all on a secure network.  The largest and most immediate savings to districts is on software license fees. gene presents an opportunity to share ideas all in a secure community of learning and it makes economic sense.

For a student, gene is a personal database of his educational journey, which becomes a diary of learning as well as an enormous asset in college and beyond. gene’s database saves a student’s projects, writings, and test scores highlighting his strongest attributes and interests.

Global Education Network Exchange