Donna Knoell

Vice President of Education

Donna KnoellDr. Donna L. Knoell is an educational consultant and a highly sought after speaker. She works with schools, school districts, and teachers to help them improve their instructional programs. She speaks and consults worldwide on key topics in reading/language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, STEM, and early childhood learning. Dr. Knoell is a noted expert in content literacy, vocabulary development, and reading comprehension, and she is also recognized internationally as an expert in children’s and adult literature. Dr. Knoell has written professional resources on numerous topics, including two papers on visual literacy. She also has vast experience with and speaks frequently on problem solving and highly effective elementary and middle school mathematics instruction. Dr.Knoell is extremely knowledgeable about educational resources that enhance instruction. She has vast experience in the selection of effective resources, both managing school-wide ‘adoption’ processes, and also helping individual schools and teachers, select instructional resources, to help students become more effective learners. Dr. Knoell has a passion for helping students achieve success in all aspects of their academic programs, but also has the unique skills and talent to help students realize the joys of learning as part of the process.

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