Ed Snoke

Vice President of Technology

Ed Snoke is an expert in the integration of technology in the classroom.

For more than 30 years, Mr. Snoke has created a successful career in both the education and technology fields. Most of his work has revolved around merging the two fields to provide for a more advanced and relevant classroom experience.

In his most recent position, Mr. Snoke provided the research and development of classroom technologies in several school districts communicating their purpose and importance in today’s schools. His expertise influenced these districts to incorporate technology development into their schools and curriculums.

Mr. Snoke served as the Chief Technology Director for the North East School District for 12 years. His career began as a data analyst in support of world communications for the General Electric Company. Then, as a Computer Operator in Data Communications in the United States Air Force, Mr. Snoke was given the opportunity to gain additional experience in technology and communications as he was stationed all over the world. He later taught Business and Data Processing to high school level students.

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