Frequently Asked Questions about the gene Advantage

How secure is the gene network?

The security of gene begins because we don’t involve personal information at any level. Because no personal information is provided during the enrollment process, there is little advantage to pirating and infiltration. gene understands the importance of maintaining the highest level of security. That is why we continue to upgrade our security measures as new innovation develops. As a closed site, gene will not provide any direct links to the internet. This prevents any conflicts with firewalls or measures that administrators have taken to limit internet participation in their schools. gene is equipped with its own security measures to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to communication with the students. The segmented sign-on page recognizes whether the user is a teacher or student, the grade level of the user, their native language, and their country of origin. This enables the program to immediately link the user to the appropriate level of lessons or curriculum and display their site in their language of choice.

How can teachers use gene?

Teachers can integrate gene into their daily curriculum or they can archive materials and create a repository for future use, building a valuable library of lessons and resources. Lesson plans, projects, experiments and activities can all be shared so that teachers are able have, on-hand, fresh and engaging material. Classroom learning experiences can be shared through webcasts, videoconferences or text exercises. For example, a teacher may share their visit to a fish hatchery that is preserving a threatened species of trout; A teacher in France could upload a video of their classroom field trip touring Paris. These shared experiences are invaluable to students without direct access to such an experience.

How can students use gene?

Each user is provided with a personal “locker”. This locker provides each user with 50MB of storage to use to house their homework or projects for later use. This feature will also permit the user to store digital textbooks for use at home, instead of transporting books to and from school. A student’s database will follow them whether they transfer to another school or move across the country. gene offers a forum with translation capabilities that allows students to communicate with other students globally. (This forum is not a chat room and can be closely monitors by teachers and administrators.)

Will teachers and administrators need training on the gene software?

Users will find that navigating through the site is easy, useful and very adaptable. Tutorial programs are available through distance learning opportunities, video clips or PowerPoint presentations.

How is gene integrated into schools?

There are no new software or hardware programs to purchase to participate in gene. It does, however, require schools to have DSL or high-speed internet service. Gene is a closed, secure website, and school administrators will be given a link for their teachers to use to connect directly to the program.

What is the gene Rewards Program?

Teachers and students can both benefit from the gene Rewards Program. Teachers are rewarded for sharing proven, effective lesson plans or projects on the site. gene tracks the number of users of those programs, and the top ten most used programs will be granted monetary rewards twice a year. The student program provides scholarships or cash rewards. Winners are chosen by their participation and the advancement of their work or results on a gene-based project.

Why should a school invest in gene?

This secure, closed communication portal opens classrooms to the world’s resources and puts students on a level playing. It is a controlled access, web-based education platform for K-12 classrooms to exchange knowledge and share experiences by working and communicating with other classrooms across the country. The program enables education facilities, educators and students around the world to work together, share information, or join in collaborative projects by providing a closed website that enables translations between classrooms. Maximizing the return on investment of technology hardware poses a real challenge for schools. gene provides daily activities for students and teachers to enhance the use of technology and collaboration.

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