Sharing provided through HyLighter.

Sharing comes through HyLighter, an analytical and communications tool that is built for intensive collaboration with any size group.

HyLighter SLE, as implemented within gene, enables teachers and students to discuss self-selected fragments of text and images within a single document or across collections of related documents. Students develop learning-to-learn skills and a positive disposition toward learning by engaging deeply with text, sharing multiple perspectives, and having frequent opportunities for timely feedback.

Many products are available for collaborative document review. However, their value diminishes as the number of reviewers and documents grows large. HyLighter is built for intensive collaboration with virtually any size group on a single document or a large collection of related documents including Office files, PDFs, images, and other file types.

HyLighter SLE users highlight fragments of text and images, add relevant comments and tags, and create links between related pieces of information. It captures these activities as a layer of color-coded HyLights, provides users with a mechanism for sorting and filtering the accumulating layer from virtually any number of contributors and documents, and displays the results in a number of formats and visualizations.

HyLighter SLE makes the thinking of teachers and students easily accessible for self-reflection and sharing with others and enables students and instructors to monitor and assess progress accurately and efficiently. Additionally, HyLighter SLE integrates with applications such as wikis, blogs, white boards, electronic grade books, and smart machines.

Practices enabled by HyLighter SLE and embedded within gene improve quality of instruction, accelerate learning, and help to prepare students for the knowledge-based economy of the digital-information age.

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