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Other Perspectives of Education

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

I enjoy reading other perspectives of education from across the country and around the world.  I occasionally revisit the saved articles to provide proof and inspiration.  Below is such an article.

It’s the content, not the container All too often, educational technology initiatives focus largely on the technology itself. It is possible to become so enamored with the technology (and so distracted by device-related questions: should we buy tablets or laptops?) that insufficient attention is given to how to use whatever devices are eventually deployed to their full effect. As we move to a greater proliferation of devices, combined with the fact that we will be accessing more content from multiple places, a greater value will be placed on the content, and how that content is used, rather than on any one particular device. Viewed from this perspective, the future of education is in the content, not the 'container'.  It's about more than just content, of course -- it's also about the connections and the communities (students collaborating with each other, teachers supporting other teachers) that technologies can help enable, catalyze and support as well.


|JULY 08, 2013

The GENE vision started in 2009.  We celebrate ten years of developing such a network that would eventually enable the world to learn together.  Through education, we may inspire, learn and share an incredible world.

Happy Holidays!

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