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When I was in kindergarten I was taught about sharing.  I also come from a large family, so my mom taught me much earlier than that!  Sharing is a simple concept.  A way of expanding the life and value of resources.  Sharing is a kind thing.  A means of spreading enjoyment, knowledge, experience and the creations in the sandbox are much more impressive than left to the creativity of one mind and ability.

The lack of sharing has plagued our nation’s education system.  It could be from a lack of ability to share in most cases.  Sharing experiences, knowledge and resources; such as graphic organizers, videos, field trips and other things that are common in most schools… or should be. 

Students should be able to learn from students.  This concept is not new – pen pals were common when I was in elementary school.  Technology provides such an enriching improvement on the experiences I shared when I was a youth.  Personal tours of hometowns from across the state, across the nation or around the world can unlock knowledge about what makes the world rotate.

Our classrooms deserve these experiences. A successful future for our students and our nation is dependent on the learning resources and education we provide them.  We can do better, its in our GENE. 

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