Firms that sell raw performance metrics instead of optimized digital infrastructure too often are wasting resources that otherwise would flow to their clients’ bottom line.  Eighty percent of the software moving to the cloud cannot take advantage of the latest multicore technologies. Because of their deep knowledge about how software utilizes IT resources, they know that simply adding more CPUs, servers or “instances” does not always provide a significant speed boost.


Cirrus Seven engineers an optimized solution by pushing jobs to the right resources, collocating data and minimizing network needs – variables that are much more important to overall system performance than simply provisioning on the basis of raw performance.

The benefits of the Cirrus Seven Optimized Cloud™ Advantage are substantial. Their work on Adobe Data Workbench has allowed a Fortune 500 Financial Services provider to nearly double the productivity of its analysts – yielding more business value running in optimized environments than on more and/or faster hardware.

Delivering this kind of performance on the most up-to-date infrastructure requires a rare combination of specialized skills. Cirrus Seven’s staff has the knowledge and experience required to create optimized Big Data analytics for businesses of any size. We are a force multiplier for the CIO functions within enterprises and for system integrators who have difficulty hiring the right expertise or developing it in-house. Software vendors bring their code to us and we bring them to the optimized cloud.

Cirrus Seven uses its unique blend of expertise to build and manage digital infrastructure that provides as much computing power, networking and storage as necessary to best run your data-enabled business.  

Cirrus Seven has multiple storage options created from a large-scale, unified storage subsystem. An optimized offering built on this infrastructure consisting of File System, Object, and Block storage will be ordered and provisioned through the Cirrus Seven client portal using a single interface. Our storage offerings include built-in recovery and redundancy.

Solid State Drives offer the highest performance storage mechanism presently available. Cirrus Seven uses only the most advanced version, utilizing the Intel NVME standard.

Cirrus Seven leverages the CEPH open source storage framework to present storage in all the formats expected by customers.

Blocks are stored redundantly within the same optimized, large-scale storage subsystem.

Fully redundant, replicated storage engines for MySQL and MongoDB are available on SSD and Magnetic Media.

AKHBAR TAJUDEEN - Experienced Chief Technology Officer with a passion for working in the software, information technology and services industry. Strong technology professional skilled in Data Analytics, Enterprise Software, E-commerce, Agile Methodologies, Strategic Partnerships, Cloud Computing and Mobile Applications.

Akhbar’s contribution to GENE is in the fields of Architecture, Infrastructure and Security.  His experience involves companies that support big data, government and the security behind the optimization required to move education to the next level.


Data Line is a technology solution provider managed by a team of highly experienced professionals with extensive subject matter expertise in in these four major practice areas: Network infrastructure security, design, and management. Business intelligence, data analytics, Sensemaking, and machine learning. App design and deployment. Telecommunications and convergent technology consulting.

MARK DEAMICI is the General Manager of Data Line and served as CIO at Logistic Specialties, Inc, a global leader in analytic applications.  The combination of his understanding of delivering interactive data reporting to state education systems and his experience of security and infrastructure systems is a unique contribution of skills and leadership.    


JAMES BEAMES – Brings over 20 years of technical position experience to the GENE team.  His experience ranges from Business Intelligence Architect to Director of Application Development.  He specializes in BI engineering, Project Management and Database development with an emphasis in LogiAnalytics embedded analytics and technical consulting.

Mark and James  head the reporting arm of GENE.  

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