GENE is a single logon destination.  It can be introduced solely for administration purposes, then be extended to teachers and students to share resources, tools, communication, and support to eliminate or minimize the digital divide between districts.  The following resources and features are integrated into the GENE infrastructure and will be available on Day One.



  • Cirrus Seven-Data Security and Storage-Trusted and established US Company

  • Rosoka-Linguistics and Computer Analytics-Trusted by the US Government

  • HyLighter-Collaboration and Sense-making capabilities

  • Logi Analytics-Business analytic tools


  • Administrative State and Federal Reports

  • User's Data Storage

  • Text Communications

  • Emergency Notification System

  • Parent Portal

  • Learning Management System

Resource links 

  • Library of Congress

  • Maps

  • Thesaurus

  • Dictionary

  • Compass

  • Clock

  • Timer

  • Wikipedia

  • Teachersfirst

  • Wikispace

"Children are the priority, change is the reality.  Collaboration is the strategy".

Judith Billings

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